About CE Broker

The leader in continuing education compliance, serving millions of people every day.

At CE Broker, we create best-in-class software that connects licensing boards, education providers, and licensed professionals in a single platform. Our platform helps to develop and empower people in their daily work. By streamlining continuing education, professionals can stay focused on their most impactful work, not paperwork. We help licensing boards simplify the administrative complexity of compliance so they can successfully support a competent and engaged workforce.

Who we serve

Since 2003, CE Broker has been the official continuing education compliance system of licensing and certification boards across the nation.
250+ Licensing boards
10,000+ Education providers
3.4+ Million Licensed professionals
350+ Unique professions

Our Values

Six core values guide the decisions we make, the goals we set, and the culture we create.

Embrace life-centricity

We understand people are multifaceted and our world is complex. We strive to embrace complexity and diversity while keeping a finger on the pulse of external forces impacting modern life. It’s a journey and together, we ensure our solutions & services create much-needed value.

Do what is right and good

We operate from a place of trust, autonomy, and integrity. We ground ourselves in being solution-oriented, not excuses, all rooted in good. We are socially and environmentally responsible, giving back to our communities and our planet.

Engage mindfully and meaningfully​

We assume good intentions and engage in an open, intentional, and curious way that demonstrates our commitment to being respectful, collaborative and decisive. We hold strong opinions loosely and choose not to be defensive or committed to being right.

Commit to continuous improvement

We thrive in a fast-paced, ever-evolving environment. We do not fear failure. Rather, we are resilient. We learn from our mistakes, we adapt, we pick each other up, and move forward better, faster, and more purposefully each day, even when it’s difficult.

Focus on innovation and outcomes

We are committed to creating ultimate value for our customers. We believe in our vision and mission. Through modern, outcomes focused technology offerings, an unwavering dedication to high-quality and timely deliveries, reliability and security, we solve big problems and do meaningful work.
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Our locations

We have a geographically diverse team with employees spread across the United States. Our two main offices are located in Florida and Colorado.

Main offices

Jacksonville Beach, Florida

525 3rd St. N. Unit 105
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

Boulder, Colorado

2400 Spruce St. Suite 100A
Boulder, CO 80302

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See how your work can have a direct and lasting impact on the lives of licensed professionals and the communities they serve across the nation.