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The Provider Suite auto reporting saves us time and resources we can reallocate to our core purpose - developing Elite Learning Experiences.
CEB Now has allowed us to provide our content effortlessly and effectively. Students provide highly rated reviews to courses hosted on the platform.
CE Broker has allowed us to expand our audience reach while saving us time so we can focus on our business and less time managing compliance.
CE Broker has enabled us to grow sales. With CEB Now Plus you pay for results, not clicks.
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Frequently asked questions

How much does CE Broker cost education providers?
CE Broker provides a no-cost solution for education providers. For over 20 years, we have offered comprehensive compliance tools through our Provider Suite for free and we have no plans to change this.

When submitting a regulatory board application through our system, you may be asked to pay a fee. In these instances, it is a board-related fee; it is not a fee to use CE Broker. Be assured, CE Broker remits 100% of this money to the board.

CEB Now is an optional, paid service for education providers that offers benefits like course hosting, payment processing, and customer support. Providers utilizing this service pay a flat fee for each course sold.

If you are looking for an easy way to host a course on our platform, CEB Now may be an excellent option for you.
Does CE Broker approve or accredited continuing education?
No, CE Broker does not approve or accredit continuing education. Instead, our service helps you navigate getting your courses approved by regulatory boards.

Our goal is to streamline this application process for you and the board.

CE Broker's free Provider Suite allows you to easily register as an educational provider with boards, apply for course approvals from each board, list courses in the Course Search, and manage it all from one place.
Does CE Broker create educational content?
No, CE Broker does not create educational content. We leave that to approved education providers.

Our focus is on helping to improve the experience of continuing education for providers, boards, and licensed professionals.
I was referred to CE Broker by a board, what do I need to do?
Some regulatory boards use CE Broker to manage their education provider application, registration, and approval process.

If you were referred to CE Broker by a board, you'll need to register for a free Provider Suite account and begin the board application process.

If you already have a Provider Suite account, there's no need to create a new one to register with additional boards. This article will walk you through that process: apply to new boards from within your account.
How are courses ranked in the Course Search?
CE Broker's Course Search is designed to match licensed professionals to courses most relevant to their profession, licensure requirements, and search terms.

All courses listed in the Course Search must be approved or accredited for a profession. Courses are organized according to our indexing guidelines.

Generally, factors such as course ratings, reporting time, and the number of recent completions impact a course's search results ranking.

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