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Whether you are looking to simplify board applications or distribute your course to a larger audience, we have tools that can help.

Submit board applications, display your courses, and automate reporting.


A single dashboard to track board applications and course approvals

Manage board applications and renewals from one location
Manage course approvals and renewals across multiple boards
Receive board and course approval renewal reminders

Report course completions to regulatory boards

Official reporting badges to grow customer loyalty
Automated reporting
Manual reporting options

List your courses

Display your courses in CE Broker Course Search
Branded provider page with accreditation lists
Verified ratings & reviews on your courses
Prominent course and website links to your site

Expert support for your business

Phone, chat, and email
Knowledge-base resource center

Our Provider Suite has been available to education providers at no cost for over 15 years. We have no plans to change this.

Everything included FREE

An end-to-end solution for distributing courses to expand your reach.


Unlimited hosting & publishing

Publish unlimited courses
Best-in-class hosting and uptime standards
Course versioning

Dynamic course builder

Fully responsive content that looks great on any device
Drag-and-drop content builder
Visual content editor
Rich media (video, images, slides, audio)
Quiz, test, and survey builder
Create single or multi-page courses
Build education series and bundles

Automated real-time reporting and analytics

Course completions are instantly reported to regulatory boards
Course performance insights

Completion certificates

Integrated certificate management
Branded and customizable based on business needs


Integrated payment processing
All major credit cards accepted
Get paid fast, everytime (direct deposit typically within 2-3 business days)

Managed customer support

Our team of experts handle all of your customer service requests
Multiple support channels (phone, email, and chat)

Win-win value based pricing

No step-up fees
No monthly costs
Flat rate pricing includes everything from hosting to support and all the pieces in between

Build on CE Broker’s trusted brand to boost conversions and delight customers on their path to compliance.

Flat rate percent of each course sold
Extend your capabilities with
Promote approved high quality courses through featured advertisements to boost your course’s visibility and reach more customers. Contact us to learn more

Frequently asked questions

Do I need both the Provider Suite and CEB Now?
The Provider Suite is a no-cost, stand-alone product. It offers everything an education provider needs to use CE Broker. You can manage board applications, report completions to boards, and list courses to increase visitors to your website.

CEB Now is an optional paid service for education providers who want to leverage our platform to host courses.

Think of the Provider Suite as a free tool to communicate and connect with boards and CEB Now as an optional add-on to distribute courses.
Does CE Broker approve or accredit continuing education?
No, CE Broker does not approve or accredit continuing education. Instead, our service helps you navigate getting your courses approved by regulatory boards.

Our goal is to streamline this application process for you and the board.

CE Broker’s free Provider Suite allows you to easily register as an educational provider with boards, apply for course approvals from each board, list courses in the Course Search, and manage it all from one place.
Does CE Broker create educational content?
No, CE Broker does not create educational content. We leave that to approved education providers.

Our focus is on helping to improve the experience of continuing education for providers, boards, and licensed professionals.
What is the Course Search?
CE Broker’s Course Search is designed to match licensed professionals to the courses most relevant to their profession and licensure requirements.

Any education provider can add courses to the Course Search as long as the education is approved by the relevant board.
What is the difference between listing a course and publishing a course in CE Broker's Course Search?
There are two ways education providers can take advantage of CE Broker’s Course Search:

Listing a course: A course listing includes detailed course information and a link to the website where a person can purchase and complete the course.

Publishing a course: Publishing a course includes all the features of listing a course and it also allows a licensed professional to pay for and complete the course without leaving their CE Broker account.

Both are great ways to make your courses discoverable in the Course Search.

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